Now many junior high school students who mengendarahi motor vehicles , but they do not have a driver’s license . They reasoned away his house and not skipped town transportation . The really ironic because the kids are not old enough to drive , resulting in increased number of accidents that occur . Besides racing and street children often violate traffic .

Therefore the government announced a ban on motor vehicles brought to school . many of the parents who agree with the rules of government for the last known number of traffic accidents caused by students under the age of majority and did not have a driving license . kids can ride public transportation for those who live far and can be delivered to the highway to ride public transportation .

There who do not agree with the government’s policy , especially in big cities is sure to transport fares rather expensive especially when changing schools to public transportation and even then the driver often stop and drop off passengers so as to save time students were given a motor vehicle for not coming late to school .

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